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Peel and Stick Wood Wall Paneling

Wood Wall Planks Add a "Wow Factor" to Any Room​
Be sure to stop by our store to see and touch these beautiful wood wall planks for yourself.

You'll fall in love with your room when you add wood wall paneling to a wall.

Wall planks are a stunning accent in  any room, whether you choose something sleek and modern, or something warm and rustic. 

Below are  examples from our supplier, Wallplanks, a division of From The Forest, LLC. These wood wall panels consist of engineered hardwood and all materials come from North America. 

By the way, the innovative "peel and stick" installation is perfect for do-it-yourselfers.

If you want to Do It Yourself ...
  • Raw White Oak — Unfinished Planks
  • Stain it the exact color you desire
  • Innovative "peel and stick" installation

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