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Hand Scraped Wood Floors for Old World Elegance​

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“The sales rep from Robinson's, was really helpful. She knew our needs; she knew what kind of traffic we would have and the kind of flooring we would need. She gave us a nice cleaning kit, which I’ve used and it's very good. She also went online to find further information for removing stains. This was just so that I would have the information if I needed it. Robinson's staff was always available for us. They would call us back right away or come out to the house. They checked the job frequently to ensure it was correct. I know Mike Robinson gave us a really good deal, too. We got a bid from a place in Fresno for the same materials and labor — it was a lot higher. I guess that’s why Mike does so much business here.”
Kim Verdegaal

The Verdegaal Home

George and Kim Verdegaal truly wanted their home to be their castle. So they chose a design that reflected Old World elegance. For their main living areas, they selected Saddle Oak hand scraped wood floors. Their custom-made staircase features wood perimeters, which provide a frame to show off the inlaid Royal Dutch carpet.

"We got a bid from a place in Fresno ..."