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Handling Big Commercial Floor Covering Jobs​

Mike Haile, Commercial Flooring
Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino / Lemoore, California​

We have the capabilities to fulfill your commercial floor covering projects, whether its a small reception area or a multi-story facility like the seven-story Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino in Lemoore, California. Big D Construction, based in Utah, built the seven-story Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino. Big D is bonded for $300 million. When they came out, they were convinced that no local floor covering company could handle the job.​ After one month on the job, they were so impressed with Robinson's Interiors that they offered us a contract for a 10-story building in Seattle.

"We always use Mike Robinson for everything. One time we didn't use him. It wasn't done properly. The carpet started buckling and a lot of the corners were pulling up. We called Mike back and he fixed everything. We were trying to save a little money and it wasn't worth it." Joaquin Gonzales, Casino Operations Manager, Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino​

One of Two Vendors Invited Back ... Ripping Up 6,000 Yards of Carpet. And Putting in New ... In 10 Days!

“We just completed installing 6,000 yards of carpet, including the removal of the existing glue-down carpet and pad and disposal in 10 days at the Tachi Palace in Lemoore. It was important for the company to keep the casino gaming activity, and income, going. So they would move some machines out and we would demo the old carpet and install the new. Then we’d move onto another section. We worked two shifts from 3 a.m. to 6 p.m. We were prepared to go to three shifts, but we didn’t have to. Usually, an organization like that would have to go to San Francisco or Los Angeles to get that kind of volume production and quick turnaround time. But we’ve done it so much, we know how to get it done. Plus, we were told that of all the original vendors who worked on the original construction, we were one of two that were invited back.Mike Robinson

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