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St. Anthony Retreat Center, Three Rivers, CA​

Robinson's Interiors

Mike Robinson was just wonderful to work with. He was very generous and so helpful to us to find all that we needed, not just the flooring, but the furniture and painter. Mike helped pick out the carpet. He also suggested a wood entrance and wood around the fireplace — we used to have tile. We’re so glad we took his advice. The wood entrance is warm and welcoming and our guests notice it. And the product is very serviceable and easy to clean. It has a hard finish that protects during rainy weather. It will take the heat from the fireplace well, too.

Thomasville Furniture River Park

For the furniture Mike recommended Thomasville Furniture River Park in Fresno. They were great. They suggested we get other bids, but after talking with them, we didn’t need to. Julie Trauner, their designer, helped us pick out fabrics that go with the brick walls by the fireplace as well as the carpet. Another suggestion was to use four different fabrics that blended well on the 23 pieces of furniture. The effect was to break up the look of the room to give it more color, interest, and to look more inviting. The staff here loves to rearrange the furniture, and change the groupings to suit the needs of the various groups that use our facility. Everyone is amazed at how well everything looks no matter how you mix it up.

Mike Haile, Commercial Flooring Sales Manager

Mike Haile
Commercial Flooring Sales Manager
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From Sister Danielle Witt ...

My goodness they bent over backwards to help and guide us. It was a big investment, we hadn’t done this before. Our great room furniture was installed when our building was built, in 1953. Our furniture was 63 years old! It was time for a change. But we also wanted furniture that would be durable and last like the original furniture.

Armona Prep Right Painting

Mike also recommended Armona Prep Right Painting. We were just very delighted with them. They were so nice, plus they were patient. The guy we were working with tried several different tints of the color we wanted. Everyone had an opinion. But when we finally decided on a color, we were all so happy with the choice. They were excellent, professional. Plus we had a surprise blessing. We had columns with inlaid crosses that were dark and you didn’t even notice them. One of the painters said that as she painted the columns a lighter color, she didn’t want to paint over a cross because it was standing out so nicely. So that’s what we did. Now the crosses really stand out. People come in and think we’ve added something new, that we just put them in, but they’ve been here the whole time.

Truly Blessed!

We were truly blessed. In a very short period of time, six to eight weeks, start to finish, the work was completed. This was great as we wanted the room completed in time for our annual fundraiser. The work was completed two weeks ahead of that event. We are delighted!

Sister Danielle Witt, School Sisters of Notre Dame, Associate Director St. Anthony Retreat Center, Three Rivers, CA

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