Robinson's Interiors Flooring
The Salyer Home​ / Lemoore, California

Sandy and Jay Salyer of Lemoore, like a home that's cozy, warm, and comfortable. They have a blend of new and old cherished items. For their renovation, they selected lush Paradigm carpet and engineered hardwood flooring which stands up well in the kitchen and bath areas. The distressed look of the hardwood will be forgiving when the pets get excited and romp about.

Comfort Flooring​

Sandy: We have lived in this area for 34 years and we believe that it’s very important to do business with local people that we can depend on and that will always be there when something comes up. And it’s proven to be the case with Robinson's. 

Jay: We’ve known Mike and his bunch for a long time and, when his name was suggested by our contractor, we thought that that was certainly the best way to go.

What kind of flooring did you purchase?

Jay: It’s an engineered hardwood floor. Very durable, yet natural products. And it has an inconsistency to it that makes it look very realistic. They did a great job. It’s a great selection. 

Sandy: I like the way it works with our furniture. We have a mix of new and old and antiques and I think it really works well. It also stands up to animals, the dog loves it. It’s easy to take care of. I like that it has that distressed look so you don’t have to worry too much about it. And it really warms up the house.

How was the installation?

Sandy: We couldn’t be more happy with the installers. Everyday they were here when we came home from work. They left the place immaculate — the tools and everything were all nicely stacked in the corner. And they were all very friendly and accommodating when we were in here trying to walk around amongst them. We were very pleased.

Sandy and Jay got ...


Brand: Paradigm
Name: Sealskin (Stairs)

Engineered Hardwood
Brand: TriWest
Collection: General Woods 
Style: Pacific Treasures
Color: Pismo Beach Maple

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