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Mike Robinson has an impeccable reputation in the business community. Our flooring in the church is wood. Wood floors always present a unique challenge because they are always settling and shifting. Robinson's work was masterful. When we pulled up the old flooring, we found that some of the wood was fir instead of oak. Robinson's installed wood that matched the existing aged flooring, matching the width and color tones of the new wood with the old wood. They also carefully combined the angles of the wood. Maria Husak, Robinson's interior decorator, had an eye to keeping the integrity of the church. Maria made sure the red carpet on the altar steps was dyed to perfectly match the background color of the main carpet in the sanctuary.

"Robinson's was also very helpful in helping us to recover the original cement flooring in our entryway. It had been covered with cracked tiles. We were going to remove the tiles and stain the concrete. Before removing the tiles, Maria and I sat down together and sketched on paper a design that we planned to etch into the concrete. After the tiles were removed, I called Maria and told her to come down to the church. I said to her, 'You have to see this.' When she arrived, I showed her the floor. It held the exact same design we had been planning! All we had to do was stain it. Robinson's people are always professional, courteous, and punctual. I have always had good experiences working with them. They have a sincere general interest in the final outcome of the project. I truly respect Mike Robinson's dedication to the community. He not only does his job well, he genuinely desires to help others reach their potential as well. I am proud to call him a friend as well as a business associate." Father Daniel Avila, Pastor, St. Brigid Catholic Church

Fr. Dan Avila, Church Flooring
Saint Brigid Catholic Church, Hanford, California

Below are pictures of just one of the many church flooring projects we have been privileged to be involved with. Our services included color consultation, product selection, wood matching, and installation.

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