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Over the past 18 years, Robinson’s Interiors has worked on several of our homes. We have a longtime relationship with Jeff Macedo. Initially, when I saw Jeff at church, I told him, “I’m coming in to see you." I explained that I wanted the porcelain wood-look tile and he replied, "Janet, I want you to come in and see our luxury vinyl plank flooring." Now when I hear the word vinyl, I think linoleum. I said, "Jeff, I’m not going to do that." Janet Woesner, Hanford, CA  Read More

They actually came to the home. We looked at several samples and we told him exactly what we were looking for ... but the one we picked — that was our favorite — actually happened to be on sale.
Dylan and Ana Conner, Hanford, CA

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Tony and Lauren tried to live with "disgusting carpet" ...​

The nice thing about Gary was that we kinda told him a price range. We told him we had a little bit of money but not a lot, and he was really good about working with us and getting us a quality carpet, not just something we could afford, but something that was quality and was going to last for a long time.
Lauren and Tony Eck, Hanford, CA

Dylan and Ana went to a big box store first and weren't happy ...

I worked with Gary Wells. Anytime I had any problems or concerns, he was right on it. Others, when they sell you a product, they won't have anything to do with you. Teri Zonneveld, Hanford, CA Read More

We have lived in this area for 34 years and we believe that it’s very important to do business with local people that we can depend on and that will always be there when something comes up. And it’s proven to be the case with Robinson's.
Sandy and Jay Salyer, Lemoore, California Read More

I've known Mike Robinson for years and I trust his work. His crew went beyond expectations refinishing my 100 year old hardwood floors. The downstairs living area was in pretty good shape because the hardwood had been covered with carpet, but it still needed sanding and staining. The floors in the upstairs bedrooms were another story. Sandra Wileman, Exeter, CA Read More

One of the first things I wanted to refinish was the floors. These floors were original, they were from 1937, so I decided to call Robinson's Interiors. The guys came in, they assessed my floor. They decided just to sand it down and bring it back to its natural beauty — this beautiful walnut color. Sara, Hanford, CA Read More

I know Mike gave us a really good deal, too. We got a bid from a place in Fresno for the same materials and labor — it was a lot higher. I guess that’s why Mike does so much business here. Kim Verdegaal, Hanford, CA Read More

We always go to Robinson's because of the good service and good prices. They have a better selection than anyone else and they can order, too. The flooring came in for a lot less than we expected.
Debbie Froley, Hanford, CA

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Sandy and Jay wanted flooring that was both beautiful and comfortable ...​