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When I moved in, the house had been vacant for a little over five years and it needed a lot of TLC. One of the first things I wanted to refinish was the floors. These floors were original, they were from 1937, so I decided to call Robinson's Interiors. I knew they had helped other family members and I knew they would do a good job. The guys came in, they assessed my floor. They decided just to sand it down and bring it back to its natural beauty — this beautiful walnut color. What I really appreciate about Robinson's was they were really efficient, they were accommodating, and, if I ever had any questions, they were always very helpful. This house is about 2,000 square feet, and it was a big project, but they did it really quickly so I was able to move in and start enjoying my new home.
Sara, Hanford, California

You can make your old hardwood floors look new. Beautiful new. Our exclusive Magnus Anderson hardwood refinishing system makes it easy. And your newly refinished hardwood floors will be covered with a urethane finish to both enhance and protect the wood's beauty. Plus it’s super easy to keep clean.

Magnus Anderson uses a “dustless” system. No more hanging plastic sheets. A high-powered vacuum sucks up all the wood dust into a trailer parked outside your home. Even the technicians don’t have to wear dust masks. Throughout the refinishing job, your home stays clean.

Magnus Anderson’s water-base finishes are gentle on the environment and quickly dry. You will have a several colors to choose from or you can mix them to make a color just for you.

Our Robinson's Interiors technicians travel to the Magnus Anderson Institute in Colorado to be trained and certified in the hardwood floor refinishing process.

Check out the projects below that were completed using the Magnus Anderson hardwood floor refinishing system!

I've known Mike Robinson for years and I trust his work. His crew went beyond expectations refinishing my 100-year-old hardwood floors. The downstairs living area was in pretty good shape because the hardwood had been covered with carpet, but it still needed sanding and staining. The floors in the upstairs bedrooms were another story. They were covered with layers of different materials including some black tar that had to be removed. At one point I was considering painting it over. But the Robinson's crew was able to remove all the gunk and refinish them beautifully. They also put in new hardwood flooring in the sun porch area and the kitchen and matched it perfectly with the rest of the hardwood. My 100-year-old floors are now just beautiful. Sandra Wileman, Exeter, CA

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"My 100-year-old floors are now just beautiful."
Robinson's Interiors Flooring
Magnus Anderson Hardwood Floor Refinishing​
"I knew they would do a good job."