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“We work a lot in the middle of the night, when businesses are closed or slow. People think I own a little carpet store and that I’m home at five. If I can’t sleep, I’ll often get up and go down to a work site at two or three in the morning, just to see how the guys are doing.”
Mike Robinson, Owner, Robinson's Interiors

Mike Haile, Commercial Flooring Sales

When planning this job, sales manager, Mike Haile, realized that the project could be expedited by having a print shop create an actual-size template of  the "ribbon" that ran through the design. It came in 20 pieces. These pieces were laid on the floor and traced. The installers were then able to create and cut all the other pieces to scale. Haile also notes, "Each piece was individually drawn and cut on-site by the installers. We can create what an architect draws and put it on the floor."

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Porterville Unified School District: Prospect Education Center​

Robinson's Interiors is a highly qualified commercial flooring contractor for schools and educational facilities. Numerous jobs have been successfully completed in the Central Valley. On this page, we highlight the impressive commercial flooring for the Porterville Education Center.

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Commercial Flooring Contractor Finds Unique
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