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Nora Chahbazi and John Corcoran

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As a member of the school board of Kings County, Mike Robinson has been eager to assist with the problem of illiteracy and sub-literacy in the county. While supportive of the current efforts of administrators, teachers, and staff, Mike wanted to do more.

When he learned the story of John Corcoran and his work, Mike thought, "I have to bring that to Kings County.

John Corcoran had been a teacher for 17 years, yet he couldn't read because no one had taken the time to help him in a way he could understand. For years, he had fooled his teachers and, later, his coworkers by using clever tricks and stratagems to hide his illiteracy. Eventually, at the age of 48, he finally learned to read using the same teaching methods found in Evidence Based Literacy Instruction (EBLI).

Fighting illiteracy became a passion for John. He teamed up with Nora Chahbazi, founder of EBLI, to help others learn to read. EBLI is a unique system and set of instructional tools that helps any student to read to his or her highest potential. Not just another program, it is a way of life for teachers and reading specialists, who will be able to impact thousands of students over their careers. Plus, EBLI doesn't come at a huge cost and it's proven to increase scores consistently nationwide.

Mike teamed up with his daughter-in-law, Tawny Robinson, an elementary educator, to form a local organization — Kings Literacy Initiative Pact (KLIP) — and bring this system to Kings County.

Kings Literacy Initiative Pact

Nora Chahbazi and John Corcoran

Mike Robinson, Tawny Robinson, Nora Chahbazi, Colleen Mertes, John Corcoran

In July of 2018, KLIP hosted 28 teachers, from 18 different school sites, as well as 15 administrators from the participating schools that were invited as observers. The training was held at Corcoran Unified School District’s Technology Learning Center and was a phenomenal success. Every teacher and administrator in attendance left the three-day training excited and ready to engage with students. 

KLIP is a group of like-minded people who want to make a difference in our community by helping students, of all ages and abilities, reach their highest potential in reading and writing. We want to put an end to the epidemic of illiteracy. This group understands that we must work collaboratively as partners, with elected officials, educators (teachers and administrators), parents, tutors, and people of action! We have made a pact, to make a difference!  ​

Tawny's Update ...
Training Day 
Mike Robinson backs the founding of KLIP.

"In late September, we met with each of the trainees at their school sites, where we provided coaching, observation, and demonstration lessons. I am happy to report that each teacher has begun using the EBLI system in their classrooms and they are already seeing their students succeed. Best of all, teachers are seeing positive changes in their students' attitudes toward reading. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for these students, so stay tuned for more results!"

What is KLIP?