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"If we need something to be turned around quickly, we know we can depend on Robinson's. They have great service, competitive prices, and pay attention to detail, which results in quality carpet installation. Our relationship is not just with the owner, it's also with the staff and the installers. A restaurant is only as good as the cook in the kitchen, and carpets are only as good as your installers. We've seen the same installers in job after job, and they remember exactly how we like something done. We know it will be done the way we like." Kirk Doyle, General Manager, Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant

Mike Haile, Commercial Floor Covering
Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant / Coalinga, California​

Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant regularly uses Robinson's Interiors as their commercial flooring contractors. See what they have to say for yourself ...

Mike Haile
Commercial Flooring Sales Manager
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"Everybody at the hotel knows Mike Hurst. He knows exactly the way we want things done. I don't ever remember having to call him back regarding any installation. He knows our expectations. I don't have to worry with Mike; he helps us keep moving forward. We don't have to revisit an installation. When we first built our Triple Crown wing, the general contractor subcontracted the flooring to another outfit. They messed up so badly that we had to close that whole wing down so that Robinson's could fix it. We would have saved money if we had hired Robinson's in the first place. Gary Wells definitely knows how to talk to a customer. He really listens. Others don't listen; they're trying to tell you how to do your business. Gary listens first and then makes some suggestions. I feel real comfortable with him. He knows his product and what his guys are capable of and he's confident. He's good about following through. He takes measurements himself, and then he always gets back to you when he says he's going to. From answering the phone to the end of the installation process, it's seamless, no pun intended. Very professional." Clay Singleton, Inn Manager, Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant

"Carpets are only as good as your installers."​

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