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John Corcoran, of the John Corcoran Literacy Foundation, distributes computers to students having problems learning to read. If the children complete a literacy program with an online tutor, they get to keep the computers at no cost. In most cases, these are the first and only computers in the home. The computers are delivered via our floor company trucks.

Robinson's Pitches in for DeCampos Fundraiser
Mike Robinson with 911 Hero

This Floor Company is Active in the Community​

Numerous staffers from Robinson's Interiors volunteered their after-hours time to support this annual St. Rose-McCarthy DeCampos Dinner. For months, they worked hard — planning, prepping food, creating decorations, selling a ton of tickets, serving at the event, and then working late into the night to clean up. They raised a record amount of money for the school. All for a great cause!

Robinson's Interiors Delivers Computers to Children