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Partial List of Commercial Flooring Clients

Avenal High School

Commercial Flooring Clients​

Sierra Pacific High School
Hospitals, Schools, Offices, Churches, Military, Retail ...​
Avenal High School

Mike Haile
Commercial Flooring Sales Manager
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A few years back, we got a kick out of being hired by Big D Construction, based in Utah. They needed a commercial flooring contractor for the 8-story Tachi Palace Hotel and three-story Casino in Lemoore.

At first, they were convinced that no local commercial flooring contractor could handle the job.​ Yet our bid was solid and competitive, so we won the contract.

After just one month on the job, they offered us a 10-story building in Seattle! Although we’ll go most anywhere in California — and even slightly beyond — Seattle was a little far for us. So we passed. Still, we sure-as-heck appreciated the compliment.

Of course, we appreciate all our commercial flooring customers from hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels, military bases, retail stores, offices, and more. We’re especially proud of the numerous churches we’ve had the special privilege of helping with their floor covering needs.

All this means, that you can be confident that your job will be on-time and on-budget when you hire Robinson's Interiors!

Mike Haile, Commercial Floors
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