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“Our initial contact with Robinson’s was to show us the flooring options with different colors, different schemes. They were very helpful to help us find the right combination of colors. They sent us some samples so we could look at them. Then they came back and we actually laid them out on the floor to see which would be a better combination. They’re information was really valuable. Obviously, they have more experience than we do. They helped us pick what made the most sense for our school. And then when the installers came out and laid the flooring, they were very friendly and they were really fast. The floors look amazing. Robinson’s also suggested we include an insignia, so we sent them a picture of what we wanted. I was skeptical, not quite sure how that was going to look. When they brought it to the school, it was all in pieces, and I thought it was going to be crazy. When they laid it out it was amazing! It’s the one thing everybody comments on when they walk through the door. They walk into my office and they say, ‘That’s really nice. I’m glad you did that.’” Mr. Juan Ruiz, Principal, Avenal High School

New Flooring for Avenal High School

Mike Haile
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New Flooring Avenal High School
Avenal High School / Avenal, California

We love helping local high schools with flooring that expresses the personality of their schools. The accent color of this flooring reflects the aged raw denim look that students love.

Juan Ruiz, Principal, Avenal High School