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Maria, the accountant. What?

To see Maria Husak today, our ace flooring specialist and interior decorator, you would never guess she spent the first 20 years of her career behind a desk crunching numbers. Her last job, prior to coming to Robinson's Interiors, was as a controller for an auto dealership.

“I got my degree in accounting; I never dreamed I’d ever be in sales,” said Maria. But Mike Robinson saw something in her that didn’t say “desk job.” Mike had become friends with Maria while their children attended the same school. They both worked together on various school activities.

"Maria Husak, Robinson's interior decorator, had an eye to keeping the integrity of the church. Maria made sure the red carpet on the altar steps was dyed to perfectly match the background color of the main carpet in the sanctuary."

Fr. Daniel Avila

Flair for Decorating

“I noticed she had a terrific work ethic plus a flair for decorating,” said Mike. Maria remembered, “Back then, I was either using my sewing machine, or I had a glue gun in my hand.”  Mike also noticed that Maria had confidence in herself. “She connects with people when she talks to them. She’s honestly interested in them.”

Taking a Chance

Maria recalled the moment when Mike asked her to consider working for Robinson's Interiors. “The dealership I was working for was closing. He knew I was going to be looking for a job. I was really surprised he asked me to do sales. I thought of myself as shy. But Mike said, 'Just come hang around with us for a week and see what you think.’” Maria turned out to be a fast learner, and she decided to stick around after that first week.

Flooring Specialist and Interior Decorator

Soon, Maria found her clients were leaning on her as a flooring specialist AND an interior decorator. She considers it a blessing to be able to use her creative talents in her work. She believes her talent is a gift from God. “You can teach technique, but you can’t teach creativity,” she said. Maria also likes the variety that comes with her job. “Everyday it’s something different: a different house, different people … it doesn’t get stale. I love people.”

It’s easy to see why Maria’s customers come back to her. She gets really excited about their projects, whether it’s a small room to re-carpet or a dream home with multiple flooring designs. She especially likes to see the excitement that first-time home buyers have. “Suddenly, they can paint a wall a color other than white, and they can actually put a nail in it,” she said. “It’s a joy for them, and I get to share that joy with them.”

“It’s really an honor to help create an atmosphere in my customer’s home,” she added.  “Often, they don’t trust their instincts; a professional interior decorator gives them confidence. It’s an awesome responsibility, helping them achieve their dreams.” And after 20+ years at Robinson's, Maria is enjoying doing a lot of repeat business. “I’m doing homes now that I first did 12 years ago.”

Commercial Interior Decorator

Maria's interior decorator skills have been put to good use with many of Robinson's Interior's commercial clients as well. She assisted with the new FAST Credit Union building in Hanford. She especially enjoys working with churches. “The churches know that we really respect the sacredness of their space, as well as their budgets.”

Community Service

Maria has served on numerous boards including the Kings Regional Health Foundation, Salvation Army, Kings Guild–Children’s Hospital, and is a member of Soroptimist International. In 2007, Maria was a nominee for the Heroes in HealthCare Award, which honors talented healthcare professionals and volunteers in the Central Valley.

Each year, Maria decorates the large Hanford Civic Auditorium for the Kings Regional Health Foundation’s major benefit fundraiser. She has transformed the large auditorium into a big-top circus, a magical kingdom, and even New York City. And during the holidays, she contributes a decorated Christmas Tree for a charitable auction, which regularly fetches about $5,000.

Amazing Maria

Mike is pleased that he spotted Maria while flipping pancakes for their children’s school. “In 34 years of doing retail, Maria is the most unique salesperson I’ve ever worked with. Besides her incredible energy, she has a broad knowledge beyond what we do and she shares that without charge. Her customers come in and ask her about paint, lighting, architectural features … all different types of construction regarding homes. Maria is amazing!"

You can email Maria or phone her on her mobile: (559) 381-5474.